Sunday, June 3

Did a lot of work on vimplugin

This is long time from my previous post. But I didn't find time for blogging. I was a little busy with both our college work and google summer of code. I started coding on GSoC from April 20th itself. We implimented the netbeans external editor protocol for communicating with vim. We have chosen this,since vim already have that interface.

The functionalities that I included are:
  • We Can open multiple instances of vim
  • We Can also open files in a single vim instance (as buffers) (this is default)
  • If we close editor tab in eclipse, gvim automatically closes down.
  • we do any changes in vim, IDE knows abt that and enables save,saveas options ( And also asks for saving when we close the ide editor)
  • We can save changes from IDE.
  • If we select an vim editor tab in eclipse then corresponding vim window will raise.If it is a buffer, the buffer will be showed.
  • I almost completed key sequence triggering part by taking keyCommand from vim.That will be completed in a while.
What Needs to be done:
  • Enabling KeyStroke support
  • Showing compilation,syntax error messages ( possible if we use org.eclipse.ui.texteditor instead of EditorPart). But vim should provide an interface for this.
  • Embedding the gvim inside eclipse ( but it is very difficult, i guess.. so far I didn't find any possible way for this.) If we didn't find a way, then instead of using gvim, we can continue with embedding terminal vim.(here also we follows the same protocol)
  • Eliminating Bugs
PS: Since we followed strict netbeans external editor protocol, we can use emacs (every editor that has netbeans interface ) also :) .

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Swaroop C H said...

How is "netbeans external editor protocol" related to "eclipse"?

-- Swaroop